The white Elixir

In religious texts,fairytales we see magical potions and their amazing effects, ever wondered if such potions exist in the real world?
Seem so illogical when an imaginary world is compared with the real world.But everything we hear or see in the imaginary woorld has some roots in the real world.It may have derived or transformed a lot but still, some essence of the real thing remains.
Most of us would have heard about a mysterious food that was sent from heavens to suffering “Lost Tribes of Israel”.It was said to be a snow like substance having sugar like tastes.
For many years the lost tribes had this heavenly supplement which proved sufficient for their dietary needs.Till the time came when the lost tribes found the home in different lands and again came to normal diet.
The diet was named as “manna”, it was recieved before or near dawn and comprised of layers of dew and white sweet substance in between comparable to honey.It was gathered by people and used as food.


Use Sundays To Outshine Competitors

Lets do simple mathematics first, how many days a week has? offcourse seven! , then what percent of a week is a regular sunday which comes four times a month and approximately 48 days yearly? We can say 1/7 th of our lives are wasted on sundays, sleeping, watching tv and sitting all the day as if the day is made to waste.

All of us have usually, jam packed 6 days, with workload , studies and buisiness. It is hard to polish our skills, learn a new language or visit beneficial places. My point here is, why waste a whole day of your life without learning anything new?

I know friends who have utilized only their sundays to outshine others. How? They worked hard on sundays, taking private lessons from an old master who make them shine. Each Sunday for two hours they used to study. Now we can do the maths. In two years they had studied enough hours to outshine most of their competitors in language skills.

Friends it was just two hours time. Imagine if we put more effort and learn for many hours each Sunday,  we can do wonders.

There are many skills we know that we lack in. Many of us dont know how to properly utilize softwares in office. Many lack in presentation skills. So guys Sundays are easy way to workout your weak muscles..  I mean weak skills!

Morning Motivation

Hey guys

Here’s a one line big quote for all of us hesitating to start our projects.

Here you go!

“There is nothing impossible for the one who will try”

Alexander the Great

So,  friends step in, give your 100 percent and you will shine

Bye 👋




Do good, be bad!

A book is judged by its cover, right? But actually those who do good to people get targeted more often. Why? You must have seen fruit bearing trees get pelted by stones.

Pride is hidden in human nature, do good to some people and you will see them one day doing bad to you. Why? Does it make sense? YES …  because when you help a person his pride somehow gets hurt. Although in time of need they dont show. But later when they get better,  first they will target ones who helpedthem in their tough times.

Why is this topic discussed here today?

To let people know that beware when you help others, do help,  i repeat do help but BEWARE they might attack.

Such psychology is not new. In human history many attacked their well wishers. Actually some people are not worthy of good. Be bad to them and they will be fine. Do good and you will regret!

Like the person who rescued a whale, and as soon as it got out of danger it killed the man who rescued it. Such is the psychology of cheap minds.



A person wrote to a very knowledgeable scholar, Sir I watch TV to pass time,

The scholar replied “No TV does not pass your time,  it fails you !


Once a person went to the scholar who had taught legendary Avicenna.

He remained there for a lot of time studying, but could not learn well.

When he intended to leave, the teacher said,  you thought that your heart is full of knowledge,  that is why you did not learn well, as if a glass thinks its full of water it can never be filled unless it realizes its emptiness.

You believed that you know everything, so sorry i can not fill an already filled pot.

And please do me a favour!  Please dont tell anyone that you were my student.





Why so serious?

Are we made to be in some ever serious mode? Always thinking about problems, actually counting and repeating the count. Goals, that we failed to chase. People who left suddenly and some we had to leave unwillingly. About broken hearts, ours and others. Time lost and the good era’s that have passed.

Why so?? Has distress ever bring anything good? No!  We know this thing very well. We believe in fate or destiny but still weep, why?

Come on its life not a tragic movie. It can change,  you never know the script.

Signs you will be getting elevated, by the will of God

A time comes,  when everything seems fading. People leaving,  those who stay teasing. You get teased by so called friends. Colleagues call you names. You are targeted on racial, religious and social basis.

Life seems seems to be the darkest night with no end. The sky seems so dark,  full of clouds. You feel like you will never see the sun  again. Suddenly clouds vanish, the sun appears, darkness runs away and so your sadness.

The sun of brightness is about appear, my friends do not distress,  as distress is the most useless emotion.

When people tease you, target you and envy you. Be attentive O My Friend,  you are about to receive some big blessing. Either big status, wealth, or job or good spouse or anythjng. But surely whenever you see people teasing you,  verily, a blessing is on the way.

Those who kept looking down upon you are destined to be ridiculed by the will of God. God never likes a nosy and blunt person talking with pride and looking down upon others. Their looking down upon you is the biggest sign that you will rise. For every envied person is envied due to a quality. They actually fear your qualities. They want to make your vision small. But my friends they will loose. God never lets evil minds prosper. They keep burning in envy.

You need not to answer, as the moon when full and bright, in towns, dogs bark at it but the moon keeps glowing and so will you.

If you have been patiently waiting for whatever you want. Without ridiculing others and unfair means. You are bound to succeed.  As patience begets success. Keep praying and be patient you will succeed by mercy of God.

Remember how Prophet Joseph was thrown into well by his envious brothers but from the darkness of well,  he emerged as the King Of Egypt.


Once a farmer who worked very hard, was stricken by famine. He lost all his animals. His crops vanished.  He had nothing left.

His wife advised him to visit the king and beg him for assistance. Farmer agreed and started travelling to the capital. After days of travel he finally reached the royal palace. Wrote a request to king and submitted it to officials. The king was a man known for his love for the poor. So the farmer was told to go insode the palace. He went inside the place where king used to sit.

He saw the king offering his prayers, royal guards told him to wait until the king finish his prayers. The farmer was an illiterate poor person. He was astonished to see the king bow and then beg after prostration. He asked guards whom the king is praying to? .  Suddenly the king replied, as he finished his prayers. To the Lord of the worlds i was praying.

The farmer replied “then I must directly beg to The KING of the kings whom the kings also beg, and left.


1. Everyone you meet is not a friend is an old rule of thumb. But we often get tricked. By some happy go lucky faces and friendly smiles. A little help and so on. Wait.. Have you seen them dealing with them financialy?.. Money matters reveal a lot about natures. Next is availability,  do they often just dissappear for days and days?  And when you finally meet them and ask about the unreplied sms and calls, they pretend if nothing happened.  Often dissappearing for days is one clear cut sign. They must be hiding somethings. Such people seem so friendly during their hangout hours but when you want them hangout in some other hours they coldly decline without any valid reasons. They pretend to be busy without a seeming work.

2. Social groups,  whatsapp are points to get an insight. Is the person pretending to be a friend is a racist? Yes you can easily find biases in their posts against one member, usually the weaker one whom they bully with so called funny memes and videos. If they are told to stop, they say we are just doing fun. Ok but when the other party complains of prejudice they start mocking them. Slang and swearing are common traits. Such people usually have some sort of personality disorder which they hide inside their over patriotic and racist face.

3. When you realize that they were not worthy of good you do to them. No matter how much you help them financialy, socially and personally they show no signs of gratitude. Easy way to check a gold digger friend is to ask for some monetary help. They will refuse unless they know they can get a bigger amount after sometime.

4. Financial status,  once they start to get better financialy their frequency of hangout will come to halt. Many just start fights over social media to find an excuse to break through an old friendship because they have realized that they can get  no more monetary benefits. They may fight on racial, patriotic or satirical things,  actually petty things to just hide their nature.

5. Their tone,  good friends have for the most time a normal friendly look and attitude but these cheaters keep changing their attitudes, never open,  having a mysterious distance. Some sort of a mystery indicates a person is suspicious.

6. When such a cheat deliberately breaks a friendship then he is more dangerous. As after a long association he will be known as your mate and he can now easily blurr your image and people will believe it.



Morning Walk Makes You Smart


Wanna Feel Like This Every Morning 


In this post I will share a unique secret exercise regimen that I have rarely shared. It is a tried and tested method to gain physical as well mental health. When we walk we tend to use not only our physical energy but also our visual,sensory,mental bla bla bla all types of energies. It makes your all negative thoughts targeted towards a simple thing,walk!. No exercise is so simple in this world than walking in cool breeze at dawn and if some friends also are there to accompany you then my friend you will feel like the happiest person at dawn and if you continue this practice everyday then i must add “from dawn till DUSK!! you will the happiest.

We sometimes forget that how so much we earn we will only need 2500 calories or a regular 3 meals.Yes we will wear one pair of dress at a time.Sleep for eight hours.Have friends and enemies.Then why so much care about this endless struggle of materialistic life.Is it worth to think about it 24/7?. Has overthinking ever resulted in a positive way.We need to realize the things we are risking our healths for are not worth that much.Actually we are good enought to try to forget these things.And we are smart enough to think about how depression is killing us slowly. But the thing we lack.What is it ?. It is the surroundings,My friend unless you leave these very surroundings that continously haunt you, you can not free yourself.

A question comes into mind,how can I run away from all these office,home and social surroundings ? and where would I go? I dont have any vacations left. My friend you dont need to become a recluse. Yes! be a recluse but in this modern world be a recluse for an hour at more than that!.This power hour will give you so much strenght that you will never get haunted again.One hour away from your regular surroundings in some park, jogging track or some green place. Where you can take a full morning walk.Soon you will find other like minded people.Slowly you will get introduced to regular walkers.Then you will sooner a later be a park of morning walkers group.

Some people took life so seriously , some breakup and some marriage. Yes it is a reality that we were born crying but it does not mean that we continue that childish habit forever. Frankly no one is interested in anyone. You can not pass time, or i must say FAIL time! just by keep crying over what happened years back. The only thing that keeps a person attached to his or her grief is surroundings. You change your place and miracle happens but for the miracle to happen you must change your place.The prescription I am giving you here is really simple,free and requires very less effort. We do need just some fresh air every morning to keep out the negativity that keeps revolving in our heads. Our body and brain is smart enough to trick us that into continouslly doing nothing and weeping for the past, just because the body enjoys being lethargic.

An army officer of colonel rank told this method to regain full strength and power in a short period of just 45 days. The trick was really simple but required continuity. He swore that if anyone does the exercise as told by him for a perion of 45 days than it will have excellent effects on health and monetary well being.In just 45 days the complexion will improve, depresson will be disappearing and signs of youthfullness will appear on face. He told three things regarding the exercise.the first being regularity,second timing and third one is speed.

Do follows these three guidelines and performs this simple exercise for 45 days. The procedure is here. It is divided in fifteen day slots.

For the first fifteen days you have to walk at normal speed for 40 minutes at fix time everyday.No ! you can walk one day at dawn and the other day at dusk.You HAVE TO  walk either at dawn or dusk or any time but once you have decided a time then you will walk for 45 days at the same time. So for the first fifteen day, walk for 40 minutes and at a normal speed. For the next fifteen days you will walk faster , not very fast but faster than the speed you had for first fifteen days. Now in the last fifteen days slot i.e from 30th to 45th day, you will walk very fast. Do this for 45 days and remember the author in your prayers!