Honey usage, types,some brands

Honey has amazing anti ageing properties and it is evident from the fact that it never gets rotten.There is no food like honey which never gets expired.Even the jars of honey from pyramids of Egypt are fit to consume.

The best way to consume honey is to drink it twice a day,how ? I tell you!  a spoon or two mixed with water on empty stomach i.e breakfast and before sleep.This will give you guaranteed health and youthful appearance.

If you live in the middleast there is a famous brand which supplies quality honey,although the price is a little high but when compared to quality and range of products it is worth it. its known as Balqees honey.Theirsaffron-infusedd honey is amazing. Other fusions include blackseed infused honey,sidr honey and many more varities.

Other good products come from the famous Al Shifa Honey which i have been using since a long time.Although if you can find locally produced organic honey then its the best.



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