Olive oil

Olive oil has been used since thousands of years.Its significance is evident from religious scriptures as well as modern research.It is one of the best remedies one could use.Healing is so easy with regular use of olive oil.

There are numerous ways to use olive oil for skin,bones,joints and hair.

It is an excellent alternative to cooking oils we use at home.It is best for fitness enthusiasts.Low cholesterol and anti Oxidants make it a perfect combination to consume.

If we look at one of the best diets in world that is Mediterranean Diet.This diet derives its main constituents from olive tree.It includes olive oil in abundance.Benefits of this diet are evident from very low heart disease cases in Greece when compared with the rest of the world.

People who regularly massage their bodies with olive oil look young and have energetic youghful appearance.Greek and Roman soldiers used to massage their bodies with olive oil, it defied age and make them stronger to fight and endure battles.

Many athletes use massage with olive oil to gain an edge over their opponents.It improves blood circulation and warms up body resulting in less chances of injuries.Joints and bones absorb the oil making them healthier and retain essential minerals.The friction between tissue lessen and body become flexible.

I have observed one of the finest mixed martial artist and world medal winner in grapling who use to massage with olive oil.

Once a karate master was asked that how come you have such beautiful and healthy hair despite age of more than 50. He answered that I have just alloted 2 minutes of 3600 minutes i have a day for my hairs! I do massage hair regularly with olive.So guys the point here is regularity.If you work regularly on your goals, no matter if you work a little less but if you work each and every day then you are bound to succeed.

I can only provide benefits about anti Oxidants but it depends on you if you eat and use them.So be sincere to yourself and use anti Oxidants regularly.

One amazing way to consume olive oil is to use it as a dressing on salad.It tastes great and its easy that way.

Regular application of olive oil on scalp prevents baldness and dandruff.As well as better circulation of blood helps brain.It makes hair pigment bright and regular application prevents greying of hair.







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