The Apricot kernel

During a research in the last century, it was found that people of hunza valley in Asia have the longest lifespan as well as most youthfull appearances despite old age.They are know for physical stamina and beauty.

During British rule on hunza, once a horse ran away, the British officer ordered his hunza servant to chase the horse.After 3 days the Hunza man came back along with the horse.The British officer was astinished to see him without any traces of fatigue.He was looking fresh despite such hard work in chasing horse on foot in the difficult mountaneous terrain.

A research on hunza people diet was done and gave its reports which included following reason for their energy and youthful appearances.

  1. The eat lots of apricot kernels.
  2. They regularly walkon mountanous region 6-8 kilometers daily due to lack of proper roads.
  3. Absence of artificial foods in hunza.

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