The white Elixir

In religious texts,fairytales we see magical potions and their amazing effects, ever wondered if such potions exist in the real world?
Seem so illogical when an imaginary world is compared with the real world.But everything we hear or see in the imaginary woorld has some roots in the real world.It may have derived or transformed a lot but still, some essence of the real thing remains.
Most of us would have heard about a mysterious food that was sent from heavens to suffering “Lost Tribes of Israel”.It was said to be a snow like substance having sugar like tastes.
For many years the lost tribes had this heavenly supplement which proved sufficient for their dietary needs.Till the time came when the lost tribes found the home in different lands and again came to normal diet.
The diet was named as “manna”, it was recieved before or near dawn and comprised of layers of dew and white sweet substance in between comparable to honey.It was gathered by people and used as food.


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