1. Everyone you meet is not a friend is an old rule of thumb. But we often get tricked. By some happy go lucky faces and friendly smiles. A little help and so on. Wait.. Have you seen them dealing with them financialy?.. Money matters reveal a lot about natures. Next is availability,  do they often just dissappear for days and days?  And when you finally meet them and ask about the unreplied sms and calls, they pretend if nothing happened.  Often dissappearing for days is one clear cut sign. They must be hiding somethings. Such people seem so friendly during their hangout hours but when you want them hangout in some other hours they coldly decline without any valid reasons. They pretend to be busy without a seeming work.

2. Social groups,  whatsapp are points to get an insight. Is the person pretending to be a friend is a racist? Yes you can easily find biases in their posts against one member, usually the weaker one whom they bully with so called funny memes and videos. If they are told to stop, they say we are just doing fun. Ok but when the other party complains of prejudice they start mocking them. Slang and swearing are common traits. Such people usually have some sort of personality disorder which they hide inside their over patriotic and racist face.

3. When you realize that they were not worthy of good you do to them. No matter how much you help them financialy, socially and personally they show no signs of gratitude. Easy way to check a gold digger friend is to ask for some monetary help. They will refuse unless they know they can get a bigger amount after sometime.

4. Financial status,  once they start to get better financialy their frequency of hangout will come to halt. Many just start fights over social media to find an excuse to break through an old friendship because they have realized that they can get  no more monetary benefits. They may fight on racial, patriotic or satirical things,  actually petty things to just hide their nature.

5. Their tone,  good friends have for the most time a normal friendly look and attitude but these cheaters keep changing their attitudes, never open,  having a mysterious distance. Some sort of a mystery indicates a person is suspicious.

6. When such a cheat deliberately breaks a friendship then he is more dangerous. As after a long association he will be known as your mate and he can now easily blurr your image and people will believe it.





  1. That is a very interesting post! You hit so many notes! So many truths were spoken! Sometimes!! Lol, it depends on the situation. I mean (soft cough), it sometimes happens to me. I cut people off from my life very easily. I’m a Pisces and I often want and prefer to stay alone. Also, for me, I cut people solely when I notice they can’t understand my goals. And they aren’t improving their lives. I love progress. Plans. Goals. Action. I have moving forward! I don’t know. It is just me. I don’t know if I am not a friendly person. But at heart, I think I am. I don’t know! 🙈

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