Once a farmer who worked very hard, was stricken by famine. He lost all his animals. His crops vanished.  He had nothing left.

His wife advised him to visit the king and beg him for assistance. Farmer agreed and started travelling to the capital. After days of travel he finally reached the royal palace. Wrote a request to king and submitted it to officials. The king was a man known for his love for the poor. So the farmer was told to go insode the palace. He went inside the place where king used to sit.

He saw the king offering his prayers, royal guards told him to wait until the king finish his prayers. The farmer was an illiterate poor person. He was astonished to see the king bow and then beg after prostration. He asked guards whom the king is praying to? .  Suddenly the king replied, as he finished his prayers. To the Lord of the worlds i was praying.

The farmer replied “then I must directly beg to The KING of the kings whom the kings also beg, and left.


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