Signs you will be getting elevated, by the will of God

A time comes,  when everything seems fading. People leaving,  those who stay teasing. You get teased by so called friends. Colleagues call you names. You are targeted on racial, religious and social basis.

Life seems seems to be the darkest night with no end. The sky seems so dark,  full of clouds. You feel like you will never see the sun  again. Suddenly clouds vanish, the sun appears, darkness runs away and so your sadness.

The sun of brightness is about appear, my friends do not distress,  as distress is the most useless emotion.

When people tease you, target you and envy you. Be attentive O My Friend,  you are about to receive some big blessing. Either big status, wealth, or job or good spouse or anythjng. But surely whenever you see people teasing you,  verily, a blessing is on the way.

Those who kept looking down upon you are destined to be ridiculed by the will of God. God never likes a nosy and blunt person talking with pride and looking down upon others. Their looking down upon you is the biggest sign that you will rise. For every envied person is envied due to a quality. They actually fear your qualities. They want to make your vision small. But my friends they will loose. God never lets evil minds prosper. They keep burning in envy.

You need not to answer, as the moon when full and bright, in towns, dogs bark at it but the moon keeps glowing and so will you.

If you have been patiently waiting for whatever you want. Without ridiculing others and unfair means. You are bound to succeed.  As patience begets success. Keep praying and be patient you will succeed by mercy of God.

Remember how Prophet Joseph was thrown into well by his envious brothers but from the darkness of well,  he emerged as the King Of Egypt.


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