Do good, be bad!

A book is judged by its cover, right? But actually those who do good to people get targeted more often. Why? You must have seen fruit bearing trees get pelted by stones.

Pride is hidden in human nature, do good to some people and you will see them one day doing bad to you. Why? Does it make sense? YES …  because when you help a person his pride somehow gets hurt. Although in time of need they dont show. But later when they get better,  first they will target ones who helpedthem in their tough times.

Why is this topic discussed here today?

To let people know that beware when you help others, do help,  i repeat do help but BEWARE they might attack.

Such psychology is not new. In human history many attacked their well wishers. Actually some people are not worthy of good. Be bad to them and they will be fine. Do good and you will regret!

Like the person who rescued a whale, and as soon as it got out of danger it killed the man who rescued it. Such is the psychology of cheap minds.



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