Use Sundays To Outshine Competitors

Lets do simple mathematics first, how many days a week has? offcourse seven! , then what percent of a week is a regular sunday which comes four times a month and approximately 48 days yearly? We can say 1/7 th of our lives are wasted on sundays, sleeping, watching tv and sitting all the day as if the day is made to waste.

All of us have usually, jam packed 6 days, with workload , studies and buisiness. It is hard to polish our skills, learn a new language or visit beneficial places. My point here is, why waste a whole day of your life without learning anything new?

I know friends who have utilized only their sundays to outshine others. How? They worked hard on sundays, taking private lessons from an old master who make them shine. Each Sunday for two hours they used to study. Now we can do the maths. In two years they had studied enough hours to outshine most of their competitors in language skills.

Friends it was just two hours time. Imagine if we put more effort and learn for many hours each Sunday,  we can do wonders.

There are many skills we know that we lack in. Many of us dont know how to properly utilize softwares in office. Many lack in presentation skills. So guys Sundays are easy way to workout your weak muscles..  I mean weak skills!


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