1. Everyone you meet is not a friend is an old rule of thumb. But we often get tricked. By some happy go lucky faces and friendly smiles. A little help and so on. Wait.. Have you seen them dealing with them financialy?.. Money matters reveal a lot about natures. Next is availability,  do they often just dissappear for days and days?  And when you finally meet them and ask about the unreplied sms and calls, they pretend if nothing happened.  Often dissappearing for days is one clear cut sign. They must be hiding somethings. Such people seem so friendly during their hangout hours but when you want them hangout in some other hours they coldly decline without any valid reasons. They pretend to be busy without a seeming work.

2. Social groups,  whatsapp are points to get an insight. Is the person pretending to be a friend is a racist? Yes you can easily find biases in their posts against one member, usually the weaker one whom they bully with so called funny memes and videos. If they are told to stop, they say we are just doing fun. Ok but when the other party complains of prejudice they start mocking them. Slang and swearing are common traits. Such people usually have some sort of personality disorder which they hide inside their over patriotic and racist face.

3. When you realize that they were not worthy of good you do to them. No matter how much you help them financialy, socially and personally they show no signs of gratitude. Easy way to check a gold digger friend is to ask for some monetary help. They will refuse unless they know they can get a bigger amount after sometime.

4. Financial status,  once they start to get better financialy their frequency of hangout will come to halt. Many just start fights over social media to find an excuse to break through an old friendship because they have realized that they can get  no more monetary benefits. They may fight on racial, patriotic or satirical things,  actually petty things to just hide their nature.

5. Their tone,  good friends have for the most time a normal friendly look and attitude but these cheaters keep changing their attitudes, never open,  having a mysterious distance. Some sort of a mystery indicates a person is suspicious.

6. When such a cheat deliberately breaks a friendship then he is more dangerous. As after a long association he will be known as your mate and he can now easily blurr your image and people will believe it.




Morning Walk Makes You Smart


Wanna Feel Like This Every Morning 


In this post I will share a unique secret exercise regimen that I have rarely shared. It is a tried and tested method to gain physical as well mental health. When we walk we tend to use not only our physical energy but also our visual,sensory,mental bla bla bla all types of energies. It makes your all negative thoughts targeted towards a simple thing,walk!. No exercise is so simple in this world than walking in cool breeze at dawn and if some friends also are there to accompany you then my friend you will feel like the happiest person at dawn and if you continue this practice everyday then i must add “from dawn till DUSK!! you will the happiest.

We sometimes forget that how so much we earn we will only need 2500 calories or a regular 3 meals.Yes we will wear one pair of dress at a time.Sleep for eight hours.Have friends and enemies.Then why so much care about this endless struggle of materialistic life.Is it worth to think about it 24/7?. Has overthinking ever resulted in a positive way.We need to realize the things we are risking our healths for are not worth that much.Actually we are good enought to try to forget these things.And we are smart enough to think about how depression is killing us slowly. But the thing we lack.What is it ?. It is the surroundings,My friend unless you leave these very surroundings that continously haunt you, you can not free yourself.

A question comes into mind,how can I run away from all these office,home and social surroundings ? and where would I go? I dont have any vacations left. My friend you dont need to become a recluse. Yes! be a recluse but in this modern world be a recluse for an hour at more than that!.This power hour will give you so much strenght that you will never get haunted again.One hour away from your regular surroundings in some park, jogging track or some green place. Where you can take a full morning walk.Soon you will find other like minded people.Slowly you will get introduced to regular walkers.Then you will sooner a later be a park of morning walkers group.

Some people took life so seriously , some breakup and some marriage. Yes it is a reality that we were born crying but it does not mean that we continue that childish habit forever. Frankly no one is interested in anyone. You can not pass time, or i must say FAIL time! just by keep crying over what happened years back. The only thing that keeps a person attached to his or her grief is surroundings. You change your place and miracle happens but for the miracle to happen you must change your place.The prescription I am giving you here is really simple,free and requires very less effort. We do need just some fresh air every morning to keep out the negativity that keeps revolving in our heads. Our body and brain is smart enough to trick us that into continouslly doing nothing and weeping for the past, just because the body enjoys being lethargic.

An army officer of colonel rank told this method to regain full strength and power in a short period of just 45 days. The trick was really simple but required continuity. He swore that if anyone does the exercise as told by him for a perion of 45 days than it will have excellent effects on health and monetary well being.In just 45 days the complexion will improve, depresson will be disappearing and signs of youthfullness will appear on face. He told three things regarding the exercise.the first being regularity,second timing and third one is speed.

Do follows these three guidelines and performs this simple exercise for 45 days. The procedure is here. It is divided in fifteen day slots.

For the first fifteen days you have to walk at normal speed for 40 minutes at fix time everyday.No ! you can walk one day at dawn and the other day at dusk.You HAVE TO  walk either at dawn or dusk or any time but once you have decided a time then you will walk for 45 days at the same time. So for the first fifteen day, walk for 40 minutes and at a normal speed. For the next fifteen days you will walk faster , not very fast but faster than the speed you had for first fifteen days. Now in the last fifteen days slot i.e from 30th to 45th day, you will walk very fast. Do this for 45 days and remember the author in your prayers!








You cannot forget past worries and tensions.Your routine life is having a lot of pressure and you dont have time to go on vacations or out of town.An easy escape is to routinely walk at dawn. When all your buddies are busy sleeping you msut add quality to your life. In addition to walk you may engage in light breathing exercises and Yoga. Laughter therapy is also a great option if you can find a group of people practicing the same.







When things are out of control its better to leave them as they are and find a place where u can hide from these worries. It is true that at sometimes in life it is better to leave things upon will of God. Do try but try until trying is worth. Why we get stuck in life?. Simple question! Yes .. but its difficult to answer. Why find answer by the way?You dont need answers always. Sometimes just stop searching for answers. Toggle the questions. Move to more easy ones. Same way, leave the icebergs of your life and try climbing a small hill. Simple! be ready to leave your biggest hurdles. Follow the track that is straight. Yes you guessed it right. Start to pass one hour of your day, the very first hour aout which people say that the first hour of our daily lifes keep echoing all the day. So, make your first hour worth echoing.





It happens and often a time comes when you realize this bitter truth. So get up early and find your own small world when everyone is making you feel worthless, which you definitely are not! Living alone is difficult but an amazing research will amaze you more! Scientists have observed close link between boredom, depression and sleeping during day. Moreover, they suggest wasting your early morning halts your creativity and social well being.

An asian poet once said in a couplet
Life itself is not heaven or hell,
Its just a reflection of our habits

Its true, an everyday observaton that active, early risers and smart people are preffered. You can see a person and tell by their body language about their level of participation in life. When we feel that people are walking away. Friends decresing frequency of contact. In such situation one should not totally blame others. Instead of running before past contacts strive to make a new social group. To enter into new social group one need the positive energy to get inside people’s hearts. No lethargic ,unactive and slow person is ever liked by new contacts. You have to add physical strenght , activeness and mobility to your personality.





Lack of exercise and tensions have taken toll on your face and body. Your body is demanding some safe exit. You have to provide it. Remember the old saying ” All work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy “. You have to retain your youthful appearance. Slight effoerts can give great results. Early morning breeze is a proven tonic for youthful appearances. I know a person who looks younger than his sons. Amazed? yes I was also amazed but later on I learnt that this person never ever skips his morning walk. And results are evident. If you make him stand next to his 40 something son, he will look younger. I have written this because I have seen him. He lives in our neighbourhood I have never seen him after 9 P.M, he sleeps so early and never absent at 6 A.M in a park near our locality.





Hav you noticed sudden mood swings. Friends complaining about intentsity of your behaviour. You have become reckless sometimes and sometimes careless. You no longer enjoy old habits that you loved to. Friends have started to look less attractive. You are giving so much priority to work. You dont like to go back home from office sometimes. Many times your answers are limited ” So what”  and ” i dont care”.
All these signs indicate your mood swings. Sometimes your behaviour is really hard to comprehend. As time passes people will try to stay away from you or have limited contact. Simply because they fear what will you do next. Some harsh replies make people run away.

All these things happen due to overwork, overthinking and lack of peace within. 24/7 pressure on mind results in mood disorders. Its simply your brain giving signals to you and your friends that this person is under pressure. So loved ones first try to console you and then they stay away from this pressure cooker guy. Before you become unbearable to your siblings, friends, partners and buddies try to take an hour everyday breathing in fresh air to steer clear.

Morning walk will make your blood pressure smooth. Chances of diabetics will lesses and God forbid if you have any existing disorders they will also get cured with time.





Oats made from barley are excellent remedy and best for recovering from illness.


Beetroot Juice

Drink half a glass of this juice daily.You will recover fast and gain energy.



It will aid digestion and supply sufficient vitamin C to recover.


Chicken Soup

It has extraordinary power for patient.It helps to fasten recovery.


Boiled Eggs

The last but not least, boiled eggs.They provide enough protein and are easy to digest.



Olive oil

Olive oil has been used since thousands of years.Its significance is evident from religious scriptures as well as modern research.It is one of the best remedies one could use.Healing is so easy with regular use of olive oil.

There are numerous ways to use olive oil for skin,bones,joints and hair.

It is an excellent alternative to cooking oils we use at home.It is best for fitness enthusiasts.Low cholesterol and anti Oxidants make it a perfect combination to consume.

If we look at one of the best diets in world that is Mediterranean Diet.This diet derives its main constituents from olive tree.It includes olive oil in abundance.Benefits of this diet are evident from very low heart disease cases in Greece when compared with the rest of the world.

People who regularly massage their bodies with olive oil look young and have energetic youghful appearance.Greek and Roman soldiers used to massage their bodies with olive oil, it defied age and make them stronger to fight and endure battles.

Many athletes use massage with olive oil to gain an edge over their opponents.It improves blood circulation and warms up body resulting in less chances of injuries.Joints and bones absorb the oil making them healthier and retain essential minerals.The friction between tissue lessen and body become flexible.

I have observed one of the finest mixed martial artist and world medal winner in grapling who use to massage with olive oil.

Once a karate master was asked that how come you have such beautiful and healthy hair despite age of more than 50. He answered that I have just alloted 2 minutes of 3600 minutes i have a day for my hairs! I do massage hair regularly with olive.So guys the point here is regularity.If you work regularly on your goals, no matter if you work a little less but if you work each and every day then you are bound to succeed.

I can only provide benefits about anti Oxidants but it depends on you if you eat and use them.So be sincere to yourself and use anti Oxidants regularly.

One amazing way to consume olive oil is to use it as a dressing on salad.It tastes great and its easy that way.

Regular application of olive oil on scalp prevents baldness and dandruff.As well as better circulation of blood helps brain.It makes hair pigment bright and regular application prevents greying of hair.






Honey usage, types,some brands

Honey has amazing anti ageing properties and it is evident from the fact that it never gets rotten.There is no food like honey which never gets expired.Even the jars of honey from pyramids of Egypt are fit to consume.

The best way to consume honey is to drink it twice a day,how ? I tell you!  a spoon or two mixed with water on empty stomach i.e breakfast and before sleep.This will give you guaranteed health and youthful appearance.

If you live in the middleast there is a famous brand which supplies quality honey,although the price is a little high but when compared to quality and range of products it is worth it. its known as Balqees honey.Theirsaffron-infusedd honey is amazing. Other fusions include blackseed infused honey,sidr honey and many more varities.

Other good products come from the famous Al Shifa Honey which i have been using since a long time.Although if you can find locally produced organic honey then its the best.